Going for Bold

…Why going bold can lead to a more enjoyable and exciting life!

Inspiration could and should come from anywhere, for me it was a bright red chair. I call it my LOVE chair. To be honest it encompasses all that is big and bold – colour, size and style. I am not sure why people are generally so afraid of colour…

One of the few opportunities we have to express ourselves comes from how we present who we are. Playing it safe is like wearing a muzzle, yet most of us would prefer to do this than be heard – visually at least. Whether your bag is interiors or your exterior, express your personal style with colour and texture this coming season. As designers take inspiration from the East, opting for a Kimono rather than a blazer will update your look. Think floral with texture and embroidery and deep hues of orange, red, purple against soft blues and pinks. Lift colours with white or ground them with black, either way keep your style current with a touch of the exotic .

Blake Chair, £2285 – The Sofa & Chair Company: www.thesofaandchair.co.uk
Alice Dress, £178 – Kate Fearnley Boutique: www.katefearnleyboutique.co.uk
Rainbow Silk Scarf, £100 – Fabryan: www.fabryan.com
Flower Garden Bomber Jacket, £180 – Lizzie O Boutique: www.lizzieoboutique.com
Vintage Kimono Jacket, £150 – Lizzie O Boutique: www.lizzieoboutique.com
Stone Classic Rain Coat, £160 – T.M Lewin: www.tmlewin.co.uk
Red Shoes – Shoe Zone: www.shoezone.com