Trend Alert! Two Tone Trousers and how to wear them

Kim Kardashian in two tone monochrome trousers and black vestFor once fashion appears to be on the side of those with real bodies. Two tone trousers are hot right now…and I mean on fire. Spotted on the usual suspects i.e. Olivia Palermo, Beyonce, Kim Kardashian, they do wondrous things for those with bigger thighs by making them look much slimmer – with a dark outer side panel –  and are best in a black and white tuxedo style. Monochrome is a huge trend, so this is a look that is pretty easy to pull off at the moment. You can grab yourself a pair from Zara for just £39.99.

Other quick tips for slimming style:

1.  Always wear well fitting underwear and if you you are going somewhere special, grab yourself some support pants. They can be found almost anywhere these days, try Asda if you are on a budget (under £10).

2. Wear a bright colour on your smallest part – If you are a plus sized woman don’t be afraid of colour. It’s like a balancing act, add a pop of colour or print to the smallest part of your body and it can distract the eye from your problem areas and balance out your silhouette .

3. V-neck / low neck tops for a bigger bust. Alternatively, try some statement jewellery to draw the eye. Check for some stylish finds.

4. Bring in your outfit at your slimmest point – regardless of your size, you can wear figure hugging things and this includes stretch material, just make sure it is on your slimmest part.

5. Listen up, this is very important! Get your jeans fitted properly – too tight you can look like a sausage, too baggy you can end up looking like yesterday’s washing.


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