Woman modelling 1940s makeup look

For those of you who are yet to watch or even hear about Gangster Squad, it is a film set in the 1940’s and is based on the story of LAPD officers and detectives forming a group called the “Gangster Squad unit” who attempt to keep Los Angeles safe from a gang of ruthless gangsters. Emma Stone is an absolute peach in the film and her sultry 1940’s style had the StyleAble team reaching for their red lippy and hair tongs. So, if you are like me and you love the 1940’s siren look, getting the look right yourself may be easier than you think. A word of warning, this look is not for the bare faced virginal types…to achieve this, you will need a berry lipstick, eyeliner, tongs and one hell of a pout!

Hair: For a quick fix use hairtongs to tightly curl your hair and bobbypins to fasten the hair at the sides or front for a cute take on the style. If you have more time, wet your hair the night before and twist-curl sections with your finger.  Pin each section down with a bobby pin or flat pin. Wrap your hair in a scarf and leave to dry over night. Brush through and style the morning after.

Red lipstick on starletLips: Apply a lip primer before you do anything else this will set your lips ready for the lipstick. Take a berry coloured lip liner (one that works with your lipstick) and line your lips paying particular attention to your cupids bow (that point in the centre of your top lip), creat a a very pronounced point at your cupids bow and slightly curve out on the saides of your top lip. Now fill out the centre of the lip with the lip liner to creat abase for the lipstick. Take your lipstick and apply liberally. Go over the lip line and lips again with your lip liner. Blot and go!

Eyes: Ok, this is probably the hardest part – especially if you have a visual impairment. Choose an eyeliner that is appropriate for your eye color either dark brown or black for this look. Rest the elbow of your dominant arm on a hard surface, and rest your wrist on your face. Use your left index finger (if you are right handed) or your right index finger (if you are left handed) and pull your eyelid gently to the side and slightly up, toward the far end of your eyebrow, carefully line your eyes from just before the middle of your lid to the end of your eye, flicking upwards and to a point as you finish. If you’re using liquid liner, allow it to dry before opening your eyes all the way, or the color may transfer into the crease of your eye. Any cleaning touch ups should be done with a cotton wool bud dipped in eye makeup remover or water.

Go to fashion inspiration: Dita Von Teese, Beyonce, Meagan Fox