Invest in a dressThe investment dress…you know the one. That dress that is your fail safe, your go to, your fall back plan…

I have one, it is navy blue, fits like a glove and is knee length. What makes this dress so special is that it does not need to be ironed, can be shoved in a bag and will always look exactly the same. This is because my investment dress is made of lace.  I recently read an article by a journalist who said almost exactly the same thing about her favourite dress (also lace). She called her dress the ‘stand by we have lift off’ dress. I knew exactly what she meant.

Now, this is not to say that all investment dresses need to be lace, they can be made of any long lasting, low maintenance material, however the dress must fit like a second skin and make you feel like every women should in her investment piece…splendid.

This is why lace might be a good choice. It never seems to go out of fashion and can hide a multitude of sins if designed well. Did you know that a well made lace dress can stretch up to two sizes before it tears?!? Give that man a medal!

If lace is for you, opt for a classic colour which will compliment your skintone and never go out of fashion.  Burgundy, navy blue and of course black are pretty safe options. Don’t go too short or too long, as this is a dress that will need to be ideal for any occasion, too long you may look frumpy, too short…well you know the rest.

Celebrities wearing black lace dresses