Pizza Express

Our waiterThere will never come a time when I don’t eat pizza…seriously.  So when I heard about a pizza that contained only 500 calories, I decided to take a few of my pizza loving friends to check it out…

*Pizza Express, Clapham


Oh goats cheese Leggera pizza…how I love you.  The best part about this pizza is actually the very thin crust – which is probably how they keep the calorie count so low. There is also the small fact of the middle part of the pizza, which is removed and filled with delicious rocket (trust me, you won’t miss it).   The doughy base of the pizza is so thin, that the toppings are all you can taste. What you get is a pizza that is not too weighty and packed full of flavour.

Customer service:

Ok, so they knew we were coming, but we received an extremely warm welcome and were seated next to the heater – which was great because it was a very cold evening – this along with a very attractive waiter it wasn’t an unpleasant experience to be honest! We were offered Leggera pizza, Leggera wine and Leggera dessert which were all very low in calories, but did not lack in taste (although the wine was a little too light for me). We ordered all three – it would have been rude not to you understand – we were also provided with a large print menu on request (including one for dessert).

Large print menu at Pizza Express


The clearly sign posted toilets are on the same floor, so you won’t need to negotiate with the stairs.  Clean and brightly lit we had no complaints at all.


Final thoughts:

A great meal, with good customer service and without all the calories normally associated with this kind of evening out…oh, and by the way, you will not be able to resist the ice cream with berries. *swoon*