Marion Mansfield

“Since I was a little girl I have had a passion for fashion, style and image.  My grandmother and mum were my early role models and groomed me well in the principals of good fashion sense, maintaining a healthy skin, body and good posture.  This early grooming knowledge provided me with an excellent foundation for the future.  I can still hear my mum telling me to stand up tall and pull my shoulders back and certainly no slouching or walking in a sloppy fashion!

My make up lessons started at granny’s dressing table, perched next to her, watching her do her make up, ready to face the world as she put it!  She taught me how to cleanse , tone and moisturise my face, followed by how to apply make up.  Since the age of 14 years old, I have followed her routine without fail and I am certainly not stopping this just because I have lost my sight!  I feel good about myself and I get that confidence boost and wow factor from doing what I was taught so many years ago.

It may seem an impossible task to apply make up if you are totally blind but believe me with practice, patience and a few clever techniques, it can be achieved.”

Marion’s top tips:

“The most important item in my make up bag is my lipstick, so my advice is to never leave home without your lipstick! I also always buy my skin care products from places where the consultants are well trained and knowledgeable about their products and can offer ‘try before you buy’ in terms of samples and make overs.  My lipstick is colour matched to suit my skin tone, eye and hair colour – I often wear a beautiful raspberry pink which just feels gourgeous!

For lipstick application, just apply to the bottom lip and bring your top and bottom lips together a few times.  There is no need to use brushes or liner, but if you wish, you can blot with a piece of tissue placed between the lips.  If you feel a bit nervous about applying lipstick, start with lip gloss until you feel confident about the colour you want.  Be guided by the professionals at the beauty counters and please do not be shy about asking for advice and support, they will be delighted to assist.  It is also a goo d idea to tell them you have a sight problem as it does help when they know.”

Luxury item:

“My little luxury is perfume, I just love wearing flowery light perfumes and believe the sense of smell is such a powerful sense, particularly if you have sight loss – because your other senses heighten.   I am an Aromatherapist, so I work with essential plant oils everyday.  I really feel the power of the sense of smell and know how it reflects on a person’s personality and mood.”

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