Natailya and Pierre

Being a girl with a “passion for fashion” I couldn’t resist the temptation to visit an up-market beauty salon, which offered a red carpet look.  Booking myself in I was pleasantly surprised by the fact that I would be having both my hair and nails done as part of their treatment package…it’s a hard job but somebody has to do it. By Nataliya Chernyak

Nail painting


Just seven minutes walk from Baker Street underground station, Leticia Haute Coiffure is easy to locate even without knowing the area. Promoted as a place where you can get a red carpet look, upon arrival I found a good sized room with a reception and waiting area. I was then redirected to the new nail bar next door – which has a very tricky step. Access to the toilets is something worth mentioning as they are situated in a lower ground area, lightened by dark blue and red lights in order to ‘create the mood’. The rooms for facials/massages are there as well. Being a visually impaired person myself, I found it challenging to go downstairs. Not to mention that those with a guide dog may find it tricky to fit themselves into the premises.

Points out of 10: 5

Customer service:

Positioning the place as a destination for celebrity beauty treatments, Leticia Haute Coiffure has a comparatively good level of customer service. After a warm welcome, we were introduced to the creative director Pierre and offered a coffee/tea/hot chocolate (the latter being the only possible choice on such a cold morning!).  Seated at the manicure bar, we were joined by the charming receptionist, who stayed to chat with us during the treatment. Beyond any doubt, everyone was extremely friendly and the whole atmosphere was welcoming and relaxed.

Points out of 10: 8


At Leticia Haute Coiffure I was offered a manicure and a blow dry which is great because the salon uses high quality treatments along with long lasting nail polishes. My manicure was followed by a blow dry which was done in the salon next door. Once I was seated, my hair was then professionally washed and carefully styled by Pierre – I was left with the most amazing weightless radiant waves!  A real celebrity look. The only slight set back was that I was initially told that I would have my treatments done at the same time and that it would be fairly quick, however this would have been impossible considering that the nail bar is next door to the hairdressers! Arriving at the salon at 10.30am, I was fully treated by about 1.00pm – which may be an issue to those celebs who have limited time!

Points out of 10: 9


Surprisingly, my hair was still fresh and full of volume the next morning and my chic coral nail polish lasted for about four days.

Points out of 10: 8

Total: 30/40

Final thoughts:

Despite the access to the lower ground floor area (which you may wish to avoid), the salon benefits from a central location, respectable service and impressive treatment diversity. Offering good quality treatments for reasonably competitive prices, Leticia Haute Coiffure is a destination to create a glamorous party look within a few hours.