Salonge Knowles in winter floralsAnyone who knows me, will know that I have a celeb style crush on Solange Knowles. It is a combination of things really, the ‘I don’t care that I am Beyonce’s sister, I am doing me’ attitude, the eclectic style and of course there is the funky afro…amazeballs.
So, her latest look as seen in Grazia, which encompassed some key trends like winter florals, statement shoes and slick ultra-groomed hair and makeup sent me racing for my laptop to order a very similar prom dress, that I had seen earlier this week, but not ordered. This got me thinking. Celebs have major buyer influence; a simple snap of Solange in a pretty dress got me reaching for my Visa. But is this is so wrong? Keeping a watch on celeb style can be pretty useful after all, they make fashion mistakes that we can all learn from and they (and their stylists of course) can get us trying out new styles that we might have previously avoided. So maybe choosing a celebrity as style inspiration might not be a bad idea. Check out our style list and choose a celeb of your own:

Architectural:Architectural styles in the form of fitted shirts and structured jackets

The celebs: Mary Portas / Angelina Jolie / Victoria Beckham
The style Understated elegance that is all about silhouettes. Good construction and timeless design.
Staples: Solid, block colour, neutral dresses, skinny trousers, and pencil skirts. Heels and flats are always elegant.
Fails: Most pastels, ruffles and frills. Any pattern that’s not bold, graphic, or geometric. Bad tailoring.

Jameela Jamil and funky red statement heel boots

Quirky Girl:

The celebs: Solange Knowles / Kate Hudson / Alexa Chung / Jameela Jamil
The style: Eclectic, layered, clashing, romantic, colour and print, playful…anything goes.
Staples: Vintage finds, things with interesting prints, colours with beading and texture. Variations and twists on timeless styles
will give your look an extra something. Don’t be afraid of contrasting colours, patterns and themes.
Fails: Too much cleavage and leg on show at the same time. Overly tight or sexy or alternatively, anything that is ‘too safe’.


Kate Middleton in understated classic style

The celeb: Kate Middleton / Michelle Williams
The style: Graceful and elegant.
Staples: Ladylike dresses and skirts. Simple but expensive (and carefully chosen) jewellery, 1- 2 inch heels. Silk and linen.
Fails: Neon colour, mini-skirts or anything with a high split. Too much makeup and too many trends.


The celeb: Beyonce / Rihanna / Megan Fox / Dita Von Teese / Eva Mendes / Amy Childs
The style: Accentuated curves, full make up, heels, block colour, often in reds, mocha and black.
Staples: Bodycon dresses, fitted pencil skirts, dramatic tailoring and anything that brings in the waist.
Fails: Baggy, saggy or off coloured clothing, messy hair and make-up. Chipped unpolished nails.
Rihanna in red dress and lipstick