Fulton's belted shower mac in red £25So, it’s raining again…what a surprise. What is it about the rain and its blatant disregard for hair, make-up and footwear?

Well ladies, it’s time to fight back.

Check out our style saviors for those days when letting the rain win… is just not an option. Grrrr!

Protecting your hair:

OSMO has launched a new product range called OSMO Effects. The range includes the Wonder 10 product which is said  to give you ’10 wonderful results that protect the hair!’ At £11.40, this is not a bad price for a leave-in treatment. It works to nourish and repair hair, smooth split ends and protect from heat and static. For more information, visit: www.osmo.co.uk

House of Bath produce some very retro rain bonnets. A pack of 10 will only set you back £9.95. They look  like see-through plastic hoods with colourful dots on them, very cute…so get on it like a bonnet! Available from: www.houseofbath.co.uk

Protecting your clothes:

Don’t blame anyone but yourself, if you leave the house without an umbrella from now until July 2013! Fulton are a well established brand and have a vast selection of umbrellas, rain boots and even macs. Leopard print umbrella £18, Floral umbrella £14, Rose print rain boots £25.  Visit: www.fultonumbrellas.com

Fultons floral umbrella £14Fulton's rose print wellington boots £25Fulton's leopard print umbrella £18


Protecting your make-up:17 Semi Permanent Liquid Eyeliner - Tattoo Me £4.99

17 Semi permanent liquid eyeliner, Tattoo Me will last for 48 hours.  Seriously, be warned this product is waterproof  and smudgeproof so it really does take a hell of a lot to remove it. £4.00 available from: www.boots.com

Clarins Double Fix Mascara


Clarins Double Fix Mascara (Exclusive Escentual.com price: £13.60) is a must for wet days. When the rain starts to come down, simply apply over your mascara and this will act as a clever transparent sealer. It will make every non-waterproof mascara you own 100% waterproof, and can also be worn as a glossy lash styler and brow groomer.


Anymore for anymore? Let us know.