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By Kara Rowe

Booted and Suited is a small company that’s been going for a few years. They claim to sell designer shoes at cheaper prices, which to be honest can still be a little bit out of my budget. However, they do have quite a lot on sale most of the time. Based on the last pair of shoes I bought, their products seem to be of a high quality.

What I like about the company is that they’ve actually taken the time to describe each pair of shoes quite thoroughly, so you get a good idea of what they will actually look like. That is obviously extremely handy if you’re totally blind. As an example I recently bought a pair of shoes which had toes that were slightly upturned – this was even mentioned in the description. They also photograph them from several different angles, which would be handy for people with low vision.

Another great thing about Booted and Suited, is that I was amazed with how fast they are at replying to e-mails. I sent one to them the day after my shoes arrived, thanking them for their fast delivery. I also let them know that I found the descriptions helpful due to my blindness, and that I would wear the shoes I bought for my volunteer job. I got a reply back a couple of days later. Surprisingly it wasn’t just a generic response; they even wished me luck for my voluntary work.

It’s great for a company to take the time to personally deal with their customers. I imagine if I had any queries at all about their products, they would actually go out of their way to answer them for me.

For that reason, I would highly recommend them to anyone.

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