Beg, borrow, steal


…Or maybe just hire? Let’s face it, not many of us can afford to buy a designer frock each time we hit the town or attend a big event. But there is a way that you can look like you have.

Designer dresses on celebsA new influx of easy to use and affordable dress hire companies, are making it much easier for us average Joannes to look like we’ve just stepped out of celebville. Dress hire resources like, and are cornering the market with one of the most popular being Girl Meets Dress. Girl Meets Dress is a designer dress hire company which claims to offer anything from ‘Ballgowns to celebrity dresses’ with little fuss or funds needed. With brands such as Herve Leger, Miu Miu and Marc Jacobs, it’s true that you won’t be short of dresses and accessories to choose from. The process appears to be pretty simple too; you go online and choose from a selection of designers, styles, occasions or dresses. You then select your size (you can even try it on most of the time) and then go ahead and purchase. Items for hire (you can also buy from the website) are charged by the day and once worn; you then send them back in a prepaid parcel.

So why not? We all know that the biggest fashion stars borrow items for events and then give them back, maybe we should take a leaf out of their books. After all, I for one have sequins, feathers and leather in the back of my wardrobe that have only seen the light of day once or twice…they may never be worn again. So, imagine wearing a brand new designer dress for every event and not having to break the bank…sounds appealing.

One question, what happens if you spill wine on the dress or tear it with your heels?

They say: “Our No.1 priority is that you have an amazing time wearing your dress and this means being able to dance the night away barefoot and carefree! Obviously we ask that you take care of your dress as if you borrowed it from a friend, but we’ve now added an Insurance option to alleviate some worry. The charge is £7. This covers minor accidental damage such as a zip break or any normal stains which come out in out dry cleaning. You will not be covered for loss or serious damage and/ or neglect. If the dress is returned to us with a large tear which we need to fix we will charge you a £20 tailor fee.”

Hmmm, Roland Mouret…here I come!