A regular eye test can identify any early indications of diseases such as cataract, glaucoma and age related macular degeneration. An eye test can also identify other problems such as diabetes and high blood pressure for which the optometrist can refer you back to a GP. National sight loss charity, Action for Blind People say “Over half of all sight loss is due to preventable or treatable causes. With an estimated two million blind and partially sighted people living in the UK, this means that a million people are currently living with sight loss that could have been prevented. The recommended maximum time between tests is two years – unless advised otherwise by an optician.” Whether you have a visual impairment or not, getting your eyes tested regularly is highly recommended.

If your sight can be improved with glasses or contact lenses, the question of whether to wear them can depend entirely upon your eye condition and situation. However, if you have the choice of wearing either, which would you choose? Check out our quick list of pros and cons sent in from our StyleAble visitors…


Contact lenses:

Close up picture of an eye with multi coloured lens


“Contacts allow you to be flexible and active. Once you get used to your lenses, you won’t even notice they are there, and you can go about your daily activities as if you were simply seeing naturally.”


“I do not have a visual impairment, but I wear contact lenses not glasses. With contacts; you have options with regards to finding a comfortable and appropriate fit for your eyes. Acuvue contacts come in several different styles and you don’t have to worry about them falling off!”


“Contact lenses expose your eyes to potential irritation. While they will fit comfortably and inconspicuously when all goes well, you run the risk of torn lenses, material being caught between your lenses and eyes, and other complications.”


“Contact lenses are more high maintenance than glasses, to some extent, in that they have to be cared for and handled each day. This makes it a bit more difficult to give your eyes a break, or go without vision for short periods of time.”




“Eyeglasses are generally easier to handle than contact lenses. If you want to take a nap, go swimming, etc. during your day, it is easy enough to simply take off your glasses, rather than having to mess with contact lenses.”


“Broken glasses can take a while to replace, and you can be left with very poor vision in the meantime. With contact lenses, it is often cheaper and easier to have a few spare pairs around.”


“Glasses leave you with less flexibility when it comes to athletics or other activities. Taking your glasses off means you cannot see, but leaving them on can be a bit cumbersome, and can leave you uncomfortable during activities.”


Are you a glasses or contact lens wearer? What do you think?