Father’s day is coming and once again, figuring out what to
buy has left me stumped…

My dilemma?
Well, it is how much to spend. Taking into account that payday feels like an eternity away,  it’s not a birthday, so there is no real need to blow my overdraft inorder to show how much I care. Then again, I don’t want to rock up to daddy’s with nothing but a card!

Shopaholics, I am gonna need your help! My top 3 options are:

1. Ted Baker ‘The Right Tools’ hair and body wash and body spray. It’s £10.50 and ticks
most of the boxes. Ready packaged, affordable and a familiar name. Hmmm, I can
grab one of these from my local Boots store on the way!

2. Gardener’s kneeling pad from the Dotcomgiftshop. This is
super cute and excellent value (£3.95), however my mum does all of the gardening so she
will be the one who really uses it. My dad does like his tea though!

3. Ted Lapidus is my dad’s favourite cologne, but I
haven’t got a clue where to buy it or how much it costs. My guess is its expensive…is this even an option?

…SO WADYATINK!?!? Oh, and what are you giving on Father’s Day?

Ted Baker, 'The Right Tools' grooming kitKneeling pad from the dotcomgiftshop. Has 'A nice cup of tea please' written on itTed Lapidus pour homme cologne