Support pants uncovered

Uniqlo thigh slimmersLook, let me put it to you like this, if it wasn’t for my support pants I would’nt be able to wear half of the dresses in my wardrobe. Which means my support pants are an integral part of my wardrobe and..yes..yes, I love them.

I love the fact they are so ugly but make me feel so pretty.  Most of all, I love the fact that they give me the shape that I want within seconds.

Support pants are there to help you, so do not disregard them. They are your friend…and mine.

Support pants uncovered:

Waist clinchers – They look a bit like granny pants but come up to just below the bust and hide a multitude of sins. Great for giving an hour glass figure to those with a tummy. Great for strapless or boob tube dresses or tops.

Thigh slimmers: Like cycling shorts but much tighter and thicker. Perfect for under trousers and jeans and easy to move around in.

Full brief: Also known as granny pants! Great for general everyday use (not the same pair though). These will streamline the tummy and hide the affects of a big meal.

Waist and thigh supporters: Great for streamlining your bottom half. Works like the thigh slimmer but made in the shape of a skirt rather than shorts. Perfect for wearing under a pencil skirt or dress, but not so great for any wide leg movements!

Control slip: Great for wearing under dresses, the control slip will hold you in all the places, especially those that are accentuated by slim fitting skirts and dresses. Works a bit like a bodycon dress but always best worn underneath one!

Shorts: Great for the bottom because these little wonders hold, firm and define. Perfect for pear shapes.

Body: Good for full body coverage. Holds and firms the stomach, lifts the bust and streamlines the back. Great under mini dresses.

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