Jessica Alba strap breaks on topYou know that moment when you realise your shoes are unbearable and that you can’t walk another step? Or when your friend tells you that your dress is  completely see through and your granny pants are clearly visible? When the double sided tape peaks through your low cut dress or when your bra makes it seem as if you have four breasts? That my friends, is called a wardrobe malfunction…

We have all been there, but in the name of fashion, these situations can and should be avoided at all costs.

Preparation is key! So, here is a list of survival handbag items, which could help you to avoid some very sticky situations…

1. Plasters – obviously they are great for cuts but they are even more useful for protecting ones feet from stiletto sores! Pop a plaster on those areas where you are likely to get chafing, even before your feet begin to hurt.

2. Double side tape – All hail the inventor of double sided tape! Low cut dress with a dangerous amount of cleavage on show? Double sided tape will have you securely in place and can even replace a bra.. Please only use tape that has been designed for use on skin (I speak from personal experience).  Bring extra in your purse to replace any that has lost its stickiness on a night out.

3. Nail polish – Great for when you chip or break a nail.  Also, a classic for stopping a run in your tights or stockings – I would advise clear nail polish if the run is visible.

4. Cardigan or shawl – Like a comforter, my shawl comes everywhere with me. A cardigan, shawl or scarf can act like a shield for any wardrobe mistakes. From spilling food down your top to not realising that your washed out bra with the reinforced bra straps can be seen through your blouse – you will never love an accessory more.

5. Tights – A must for British weather. There is nothing worse than going out in a skirt with no tights, for it to then rain.  Not only will you get very soggy, but you will look like a bit of a plonker too. Carry a pair of tights around with you, until you can be sure that you won’t be caught out.

6. Safety pins – So small yet so practical! Missing buttons, torn clothing, broken straps?…this little bit of genius is a must.

7. Foldable pumps/sandals – Limping around in painful shoes is not a good look, it can also wreak havoc on your feet. There are so many dinky little sandals and pumps that can fit into ones bags – some that have been designed for this very reason. If you are determined to wear those six inch stilettos, don’t forget to pack your pumps for when the alcohol wears off.

8. Vaseline – Great for chafing of all kinds.  Prevent sweat friction on your thighs or relieve painful sandal straps on your feet with this little beauty. (Get yourself a handy pocket sized tub for your purse).

Oh yes, and of course for all this you will need…A VERY BIG BAG!