Saturday’s event at RNIB was a blast, but the StyleAble team are well and truly knackered!

Colour blocking for AW 2011We were booked by RNIB to give image and style advice to their London forum members, and the team, including Astra from Rouge Make-Up, manned a StyleAble stand and gave make up and fashion advice in 10 one-to-one sessions throughout the day.

Some rules are made to be broken

Questions around colours and shapes sometimes threw me off as I don’t always remember the rules. But this might also be because I don’t really believe in them. All the stuff about cool and warm undertones and colour matching is fine, but no-one really thinks about that when out shopping. I like to get people to try clothes on, regardless of ‘the rules’. The truth is that there are no good or bad colours. You can wear almost any colour if you learn to choose the right shade and intensity that will enhance your skin tone.

In preparation for the event, I did a bit of research and this is what I found. Maybe you will find it useful…

Cool undertones

People with a pink or rosy look to their skin look best in blue-based colours. Opt for raspberry, emerald green, royal blue, plums or pure black. An aqua blue green from the very light pastel shades would also suit these tones. A pure white or soft white looks great, as well as lemon yellows and rich colours like ruby and sapphire.

Warm understones

Yellow based colours work best on people with golden or apricot undertones. Mochas, bronze, sage greens, peach, apricot, yellow and apple greens should also suit. Reds – dark tomato and burnt orange are other great colour choices. Earth greens like olive and moss will create a soft natural look and fresh lime, grass or celery greens will bring out the skin tone. Ivory, camel and bright navy can be used for a sophisticated look.

Body shapes

Pear shapes are best with maxi lengths; top heavy’s work well with wrap dresses – especially ruche waists. Boyish figures are great for bodycons and would do well with belted dresses; this can bring in the waist and give more of a curvy look. Curvy girls, (like me)… draw in the waist, draw in the waist, draw in that gosh darn waist!