Lying on the bed, up against the dressing table, on the floor or hanging onto the bed frame – no matter what technique you use to put on your skinny jeans or even this season’s flares, there is just no getting around it,  ill-fitting jeans are never ok…

Bodymetrics in Selfridges

…If you thought you could take the easy route by avoiding the trouser trend this coming season, think again.  Jeans and trousers were on every catwalk at LFW, which means they are big business for this season and next.

Going for a particular style you like is one thing, but the way those trousers are going to fit will either make or break your look. So what would it be like to have the perfect pair of jeans?

Bodymetrics have fused together science and fashion to introduce an innovative alternative to your everyday shopping experience.  The process is simple, you step into a body scanning pod, press a button and wait for their system to calculate and map out your every curve and contour.  You then step out and have a consultation with one of their stylists who will guide you through their range of perfectly fitting jeans styles – off you go with your perfect pair of jeans.

Too good to be true?…


Picture of Brand Ambassador, Lainey with Swarovski crystal embellished jeansWe had a chat with Bodymetrics’ Brand Ambassador, Lainey Sheridan-Young to find out…


Audio link below:

Interview with Lainey from Bodymetrics

Bodymetrics can be found at Selfridges (Oxford Circus).

To find out more about Bodymetrics go to:

*Jeans prices range from around £200.