BBBBbaby, the Bob is back in town – great news because it is one of the easiest lengths to pull off.

Fearne Cotton with friend at a recent event

We are loving the straight no bend bob and the longer length bob cut – which is everywhere at the moment (Fearne Cotton’s got one, so it must be right!). Low maintenance, cool in the summer, chic in the winter. If you opt for the longer length you can also pull it back into a cute, short ponytail – top points for style and ease!

The best way to get yourself a great bob is to find a hairdresser with a steady hand and a love for precision cutting. He/she should also be able to tell you which length and style/texture to go for depending on the type of hair you have, your face shape and lifestyle.

If you are blind or partially sighted, make sure you tell your hairdresser about any difficulties you might have when styling your hair yourself, this could make a difference to the type of treatment or cut that your hairdresser gives you. Seriously, there is absolutely no point in going for a roller set, big curl, bob if this is something you are not going to, or are unable to stick to.

Knowing what to ask for, how to describe it and knowing whether your hairdresser has understood you, can be the difference between you getting a Leona Lewis or a Leonardo DiCaprio!

Research is key. Finding a good hairdresser can take a lot of time and can be like getting a new best friend. It needs to be someone you can let your hair down in front of (literally), talk to about your worries, someone who understands you – sometimes without you even saying a word and best of all, someone you can really trust.

Here are a few question you may want to ask when talking to a new hairdresser:

  • Will the style I want require a lot of maintenance, if so, exactly what am I going to have to do?
  • How long do you think it will take for ME to recreate this style in the morning?
  • How often will I have to come back to get this treatment/cut done?
  • Are you happy for my friend / carer/ partner to watch what you are doing, so we can reproduce this style at home?
  • Are you happy to describe what you are doing in detail – as you are doing it?
  • What products / tools will I need to reproduce/maintain this style?
  • Will the treatment you are doing cause any long term damage to my hair and is my hair in good enough condition?
  • What are the telltale signs of damage to my hair?


Do you have any questions that you always ask a hairdresser? Can you recommend a hairdresser who you always go to?