Maxi length dress in whiteI have been trying to avoid the maxi length trend for some time now and I actually seem to be getting away with it.  This may be because I haven’t been out in a while due to a newly refurbished home. (When I say out, what I mean is – yes, I have been to Asda and to the odd dinner party, but I have been quite lax in attending fashion shows and events). Instead, I have been getting some work done in my new office, working on the redesign of StyleAble and sending numerous emails…yes, that is what I call work.

So, in theory I could have avoided the maxi trend right until the end of season.

Except for the fact that London Fashion Week is fast approaching, I have put on a couple of extra pounds around the thigh area and a maxi dress may now be my only option. This is a real shame because the maxi will never be my length of choice – I love legs, and they are my best feature…despite the extra pounds.

What’s worst is that maxi dresses aren’t the best when it comes to navigating around, especially when running up the stairs – the longer they are the more likely you are to step on the hem – I had my whole chest exposed whilst wearing a particular strapless number on a date…the memory makes me cringe to this day.

So, if you are blind or partially sighted, this could cause a bit of a problem. Using your hand to elegantly lift your maxi dress whilst climbing the stairs is going to be a real hassle, especially if you have a guide dog and/or carry a cane.  Not to mention the very real risk of tripping on the ridiculously long boho maxis that are everywhere this season – and not just your own!

This said the maxi does have some benefits, including the fact that you will never have to worry about VPL or SSK (skirt stuck in knickers). So I suppose weighing up the options you could go either way.

Me…I am staying clear until I have to.

Do you love or hate the maxi?  How do you deal with the maxi length?