Image of twin sisters standing outside Cartier in Central London
The 'Cartier twins' from a recent 'Out and About' trip in Central London

Ok, so I have been accused of updating this blog with too many mini articles…What’s wrong with that? So, this time I have decided to give visitors an update on what is happening with StyleAble instead.

I am always on the look out for new additions to the team, so I was very grateful to receive a message on Twitter from Sunil Peck @DisbailityNow, who was keen to put me in touch with a writer called Claire Jennings from the BBC.

Claire is much fun and you can find some info on Claire on the Contributors page; she is crazy about fashion and beauty so her reviews for the Tried and Tested page should be interesting!

On a recent visit to the oh-so-blissful Cupcake Mother and Baby Spa in Parsons Green, I met a gorgeous women who happened to have worked with the RNIB in a former life, she told me about a friend who had worked with and trained blind and partially sighted women. Apparently, she used a revolutionary piece of Aromatherapy equipment called the ‘Aromadrop’… Hmmm, I  feel an Up Close interview coming on.

Lee Kynaston of Men’sHealth Magazine gave the StyleAble team some much needed insight into the issues men face when it comes to grooming. StyleAble’s ‘Men…’ page is going to be much the better for our little chat… We love him!

Having coffee in East Dulwich’s Liquorish with Selina from the House of Maffia was too much fun…I don’t think we came up for air once! Even more exciting is that the StyleAble photoshoot is on track to becoming a reality, with some much needed help from my new friend. (smile)

The team are off to Portugal very soon to visit an uber cool resort who are keen for us to find out just how accessible they are and give their staff some tips on how to make things better.… ‘Oh so holidacious!’

Ok, I might as well tell you that I am soon to be featured in a women’s magazine.  Despite getting a read back of the article and trusting the skills of both the Journalist and her Photographer I am still a bit nervous about the whole thing…won’t mention the name of the publication just in case! Nuff said.

It’s been great working with StyleAble’s fantastic new photographer (See new vox pop images on the Out and About page). Our recent mini photoshoot for Action for Blind People was also very cool…many thanks to the chic volunteer visually impaired model ( StyleAble will be nabbing some of  those pics for our brand new ‘Men…’ page, all in the name of partnership working no?!?).

So much more to tell you, but unfortuantely I have also been accused of writing too much…so I shall leave it there.

*StyleAble will be blogging on the newly relaunched Action for Blind People website very soon.