One of the things I love about living in Europe is that it is extremely popular to kiss on both cheeks. Not only do I find this much more welcoming than the formal handshake, but being an extremely nosey person (in more ways than one), it also gives me an opportunity to sniff out fragrant clues…

Row of colourful perfume bottles

You see, I have found that a fragrance can say a thousand words. So when it comes to meeting new people, their choice of perfume can be an all important window into their personality type and even into their mood.  If you are blind or partially sighted, this can be an especially useful tool when networking, on a date or in a situation where reading people is crucial.

Perfumes are usually made up of top, middle/ heart and base notes. The base notes will usually be the heaviest and strongest scent and will be smelt long after the top and middle notes have faded.

The five standard families of fragrance consist of Floral, Oriental, Woody, Fougère (fern like), and Fresh, with the former four families being more “classic” while the latter consisting of newer bright and clean smelling citrus and oceanic fragrances.

Fragrant clues…

Image of women spraying perfume onto her neck

Fresh perfume – This kind of person will usually live a busy and energetic life, juggling numerous activities in both their work and social lives. Being so busy, these people need to wear a fresh and light scent that won’t weigh them down.  This is the kind of fragrance that can be put on in the morning and then kept in the bag for frequent pick- me-ups during the day.

Floral perfume Ahhhh for the true romantic! This person is either young or young at heart and prefers the dreamy romance of fantasy rather than the worries and stress associated with real life. Floral scents warm well to your natural scent, so this is a great choice if on a third date.

Oriental perfume – This fragrance is for the person who likes to be noticed and you will never forget them. Those who wear this kind of  perfume are strong willed, outgoing, eager and sophisticated.  They will also carry an air of mystery about them – intentionally?…who knows.

Woody perfume – Adventurous, charismatic and assertive – a woody scented perfume is the fragrance of choice for this kind of person. They are also extremely  caring, a great combination of attributes which make them the perfect family member and team player.

Fougère perfume – Many masculine fragrances are made in the fougère family but some fragrances are made specifically for the feminine sex too. These perfumes are the perfect fragrance for those people who like to be in control and like to be noticed in a crowd. Expect an outdoorsy and adventurous  type who is always eager to experience new things.

…So the next time you find yourself  in a crowded room or meeting the in laws for the first time – remember, the nose never lies!