How easy is the Beehive? Black and white image of woman sitting on steps with 50's style dress and beehive hairstyle.

The Beehive hairstyle is this season’s ‘huge’ hair trend, but how easy is the DIY Beehive for VI girls?  To create this look you will need to have medium length hair or long hair for the right height and volume.

Here is how to do it:

1.      Part hair from ear to ear, a medium distance away from the front of the head

2.      Clip the front section away temporarily to keep hair out of the way

3.      Comb remaining back section of hair and twist loosely upward from the nape of the neck to the centre of the head, loosley pinning as you go. (Make sure you use your hands to feel that the back is neatly twisted)

4.       Once the back section of hair is twisted and pinned right up to the centre parting,   take the end of the twisted hair and wrap it into a neat ball and pin loosely and flat to the centre of the head (this piece of hair will lie under the front section of the hair (see 5).

5.      Now for the fun bit! Take a small sponge or balled up stocking and place on the centre of the head – just over your own neatly balled end of hair and the centre of the parting.

6.      Remove clip from the front section of hair and comb the hair over the sponge and neatly balled hair.  Use your hands to lightly smooth the hair back from the crown of your head.

7.      Pull the ends of the front section of hair back, twist and pin over the already twisted back section of hair.

Finally, use your hands to smooth the high bump in the front of your hair and smooth down the neatly twisted back section.