There really are only three lengths of skirt: the mini, midi and the maxi, this is a fashion fact.

There really are only three lengths of skirt: the mini, midi and the maxi, this is a fashion fact. Yet, without fail, every season we are told to go out and buy ‘this season’s perfect length’ as whatever we are presently wearing is no longer in vogue. And without fail, most of us (if not all) dutifully go to the nearest shopping centre to stand in a very long queue in an effort to keep up to date with the latest fad.
I have long known that logical thinking and fashion cannot operate on the same plane, which is why I now have two very similar midi length 50’s style, flared skirts hanging up in my wardrobe, one from a previous season and of course, one that I bought last week.

Despite all this, I do marvel at the genius of the now popular midi length flared skirt and think that it must be the perfect length and style if you are completely blind.

The benefits of the midi length skirt for blind women are:

1, It will never get tangled up or be stepped on and cause a fall like last season’s ridiculous floor sweeper maxi could have (and probably did.)

2, It will never need pulling down, lifting up or fixing so will be easier to wear if using a cane or when out and about alone with a guide dog

3, It will never look cheap, no matter how high you go with your heels

4, It will never expose your bottom when you bend over

5, It may get stuck in your knickers but should have enough material not to show too much cheek and thigh until someone alerts you to the fact

6, It will never need a second opinion or need you to ask the question “does my bum look big in this?”

7, It will look just as good with heels as it does with those oh so comfortable flats, especially if heels are a thing of the past.

In fact, the only condition is that if you don’t have one already, you will now have to go out and buy one and if you have one from a season past, it will not be this season’s…and so the cycle continues.

Happy shopping!